On Friday February the 10th 2017, Therese Rein spoke at a Breakfast at Parliament House, Sydney, commemorating the 9th Anniversary of the National Apology to Indigenous Australians.  

She gave a beautifully human and personal insight, as someone who was there, who helped, and who will never forget the writing and giving and accepting of the National Apology to Indigenous Australians.

"He wanted the members of the Stolen Generation to feel and be deeply respected..."

"Kevin said, 'Come, come in.  You are welcome here.  This is your place too'.  And so they came..."

"I am so grateful for the willingness of those people, to trust.  Having been shattered; having been torn from their families; having been lost; having been disconnected; that trust was incredibly precious..."

"This was the first act of the new Parliament. It was the first order of business.."

"In the gallery, out on the lawns, in the schools around the country, on the televisions everywhere, people stopped and listened and were silent.  And there were tears, and there was relief, and there was sorrow and there was repentance; up in the gallery elders with thankyou on their tshirts, signalling forgiveness."