Take a listen to a powerful personal story; just one of many that is woven into the day of the Apology.

Sometimes, our stories start long before us; that’s certainly the case for Richard Fejo. Larrakia on his father’s side and Warramungu on his mum’s side, Richard shares the story that shaped his story and possibly yours too.

SPUN: True Stories Told in the Territory is a live storytelling event that showcases some of the extraordinary people and stories that make up the Northern Territory. Popping up at different venues across Darwin, working with a range of partner organisations with a different theme each time, SPUN brings to light stories from diverse backgrounds.

Richard's story was from their first all-Indigenous SPUN event at Garrmalang Festival 2016 where the theme was 'Journey'.

Storyteller: Richard Fejo
Producer: Johanna Bell
Editing: Caddie Brain & Jess Ong
Audio: Will Tinapple
Photography: Sarah Mackie
Presenter: StoryProjects